Friday, 28 February 2014

Grade 5 Field Trip by Emily and Jayda

In grade 5 we went on a field trip to CBC and the Alberta Gallery of Art.  At CBC Blue room went with Cory Edel and purple room went with Stephanie Barsby.  Cory Edel is a weather forecaster on  CBC.  He talked about his job and how to do it.  Cory told us it is hard to see a tornado and easy to see a hurricane.

They took this picture of us with Cory Edel.

Here is our class listening to Mr. Edel tell us about his job.

          At the Art Gallery we saw some cool works of art.  In the exhibit Of Heaven and Earth we saw 500 years of Italian paintings.  There were a lot of Greek and Roman paintings, and a lot of cupids and babies.  There was an exhibit called Bowerbird.  In Bowerbird there were a lot of different shapes and colors.  Suspend was another exhibit. It was very peaceful and the artist only focused on one part.  In the Cabinets of Curiosity you could touch everything. 

  My favorite work of art was one painting in Suspend - it was a picture of a blue tent.  My favorite part of the whole field trip was walking in the town square because it was beautiful.


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